Why become OceanReady®?

So you have booked a MedallionClass™ cruise – what do you need to do before boarding? Actually, you don’t need to do anything  – you can turn up at the cruise port, pick up the Medallion at the check-in desk and use it like you would use a cruise card (except with the added extra of the Medallion unlocking your stateroom door as you approach).

However, if you want a speedier check-in, then you should aim to become OceanReady® so that all your personal details are captured ahead of time. Also,  if you are a U.S. resident, you can have your Medallion shipped to you at least 12 days before your cruise and this will make embarkation even more smoother:- you just need to hold your Medallion up to a tablet and you are checked in.

Either way, your Medallion will be provided in a presentation box:

It will have your name, ship and sail date engraved around the edge and the colour will match your Princess loyal status.  By default, you will also be provided with a lanyard with a clear plastic holder for your Medallion:


You can buy additional accessories onboard at the Ocean Front store or pre-order these as part of the OceanReady® setup process.

What do I need to do to become OceanReady®?

If you are within 50-60 days of sailing then these are the main steps to becoming OceanReady®:

  1. Have your travel documents ready for yourself and your travel companions.
  2. Fill in your Cruise Personaliser information for your cruise on the Princess website and provide mandatory immigration information as you would normally.
  3. Download the MedallionClass™ app from the Apple App store or Google Play store to your phone or tablet. You will need an iPhone or iPad with iOS 10.0 or later or an Android phone or tablet running Android 6.0 or later.
  4. Open the MedallionClass™ app:


Choose to Sign Up for an Ocean profile account  (separate from your Princess login account and you only need to sign up once) and then Login and click to Get OceanReady®.

April 2021 update:  OceanReady software is currently being updated so you may not be able to access it until at least the end of this month.


Choose to Link a Booking, enter your Princess Cruises booking number and, if the cruise is ready, you will be linked and your cruise countdown will display. For example:


Clicking Get OceanReady® will then take you to the main OceanReady® “essentials” screen. Some essentials may be completed (green circles) and some will need you to take action (orange exclamation mark). For example:


Once all essentials have been completed then you should only see green circles and your names will have a green tick against them.

Cruise Personalizer

Clicking on the Cruise Personalizer circle will take you to the Princess Cruises website where you should complete the Guest Check In section for this cruise. Note that you will still need to print off your luggage tags from here.

Travel Documents

Clicking on Travel Documents will prompt you to confirm your country of citizenship so you scan in the relevant documents. For example:


You then select your type of document from the list e.g. Passport


And when you are ready to scan, click the SCAN DOCUMENT button


You then line up your document under your device’s camera and it will attempt to scan in the details using the MRZ (machine readable zone).


Once it has read in the data, the red bar will turn to green and you will then be asked to take a landscape photo of the document. Next, you will asked to confirm that everything has been read in correctly. For example:

Security Photo

Clicking on Security Photo will allow you to upload or take a photo to use at check-in and around the ship. If you have been on a Medallion cruise before then your previous security photo will be shown by default.


The photo needs to be a passport-style photo – direct frontal view without any hats, glasses etc.


You are also given the option to use the same photo as your Profile Photo.

Profile Photo

Clicking on Profile Photo will allow you to update the picture that displays on ship portals, in the Medallion App and on the panel outside your stateroom door. You can duplicate your security photo or upload an avatar or even a picture of a pet!  For example:


Click the Pencil edit icon and then the RETAKE button on the next screen. You will then be prompted to take or upload your picture:


The icons at the bottom will allow to either select an existing image from your Gallery or take new Profile Photos. For example, we uploaded our blog logo for both of our Profile Photos:


PIN Code

Clicking on PIN Code will allow you to create a 4-digit pin code for accessing the touchscreens when onboard. For example:


This code can be shared with all travel companions on the same booking.

Ocean Medallion™ and Accessories

Clicking on Ocean Medallion™ and Accessories will enable you to enter your shipping address for where you want your Medallion delivered (if a U.S. resident) and order accessories. For example:


If you are not a U.S. resident,  or will be travelling, you can choose to pick it up at the port:


The shipping address doesn’t need match your home address, it could be a hotel or a relative’s address if you are in transit. You can also prove a contact Phone Number:

You will have plenty of opportunity to edit the address and confirm that this is where you want your Medallion and accessories shipped:

Ordering MedallionClass™ accessories 

If you would like an alternative accessory to a lanyard then you can order and pay for it before your cruise using the App or buy it onboard in the OceanFront store. You can also buy a cardboard insert for your lanyard to mark a special occasion e.g. birthday, retirement. Note that a sport band is recommended if you have a pacemaker so you don’t wear it near your chest.

The following accessories are available:


Accessory Price Options Size
Bracelet $49.00 Gold or Silver S, M, L
Sport Clip $7.00 Black, Pink, Purple or Blue One size
Lanyard Insert $2.00 Various including Birthday, Married, Anniversary, Milestone, Retirement, Country One size
Pendant $39.00 Gold or Silver One
Sport Band $10.00 Black, Pink, Purple or Blue S/M or L/XL

We ordered a Sport Band for pick up at the port through the app – just to give us a different accessory to try:


This is how it looks in the shopping basket:


And an example of when you checkout, enter your payment details and pay:

Final Step – Opening and Saving your OceanReady® Pass

Once OceanReady® “essentials” have green circles and your profiles have green ticks you should be able to open and save your OceanReady® Pass.


Click the button under the profile names and the app will start generating your passes. For example:


Here you can save your passes as a screenshot or print them off – make sure the QR codes are fully visible for scanning at the port and that you save/print the passes for everyone in your booking. You are now OceanReady® !