The SocialOcean app has been released by Princess Cruises as part of the Ocean Medallion rollout starting with Regal Princess. It will help you set up your Tagalong, earn Charms and connect with your friends and family on and off the ship.

Read more about Ocean Medallion from Princess Cruises

Here are some screen caps:

If you click on Read More –

If you Open the app:

If you click on Join Ocean, it should allow you to sign up based on your existing Princess website account.

If you click on Log In

Once you have logged in, a welcome screen displays inviting you to meet your Tagalong –

You can currently define three different types of Species: a Seahorse, a Turtle or a Butterfly Fish and give them different markings, fins and colour options –

You can also define Charms that will swim alongside your Tagalong –

Other options appear when you click Go from the login screen –

Messaging has a number of options:

We are looking forward to exploring this app further!