Note: As of 20th September 2017, Princess have released a new Premier Beverage Package which replaces the AIBP. This increases the overall cost and we are awaiting news of any individual drink price increases to accompany this package.

What is the Princess All-Inclusive Beverage Package from Princess?

The All-Inclusive Beverage Package (or AIBP) is an unlimited drinks package that you can buy as an add-on for your Princess cruise.

What does it include?

  • All cocktails up to $10.
  • All beers up to $10.
  • All spirits up to $10.
  • All glasses of wine up to $10.
  • All non-alcoholic items (cans, bottles, mocktails, shakes).
  • All coffee, tea, espresso and specialty drinks.
  • 40% discount on any bottled wine up to $100.
  • On the Royal Princess and Regal Princess, crepes and gelato from the Gelato bar.
  • On the Majestic Princess, smoothies and juices from the Juice bar and Gong Cha teas from the Leaves bar.

What does it exclude?

  • Room service, mini bar, souvenir and vending machine items.
  • Any cocktail or a glass of wine exceeding $10 – you must pay for these and cannot pay the difference.
  • Any drinks for your family or partner when you have purchased the package for yourself (except when you have purchased a bottle of wine at a 40% discount which can be shared in the dining room). Note that not everyone needs to buy the package from the same cabin – it’s on a per person basis.

What does it cost?

$57.45 per person/per day when purchased pre-cruise or $59.80 when bought onboard. This includes an automatic 15 percent gratuity per day

Is it worth it?

This depends on what you think you will drink in a day. Do some calculations based on the average prices below (all including 15% gratuity):

  • Teas, coffees, bottled water – $2.90 for regular and $4.30 for large
  • Beer -$7
  • Glasses of wine – $8.50
  • Spirits – $8.50
  • Cocktails – $8.80

So if you drank 2 regular coffees, a large bottled water, 2 glasses of wine and 4 cocktails then it would total $62.30 which exceeds the package cost per day.

Remember that you may drink less on port days compared to sea days so think about your cruise itinerary.

We have found it more convenient and you can try drinks you may not have tried otherwise! The main advantage of the All Inclusive Beverage Package is that once you’ve got it, you don’t have to worry about the bar bill at the end of the cruise and it helps you to budget in advance.

How can I buy the package?

Either buy it pre-cruise or onboard – it is usually cheaper if you buy it before the cruise. The easiest way is to buy it from the Princess website via the cruise personaliser Onboard Reservations section. When onboard, it must be bought at the start of your cruise and cannot cover part of the cruise or individual days.

Look out for Sip n Sail offers (currently only available in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Bermuda and the District of Columbia) which include the AIBP in your cruise price.

Note that the package is not available for purchase within 3 days of sailing or for voyages 2 nights or fewer.

Currently the package is available to pre-purchase for the upcoming Ocean Medallion cruises.

What about buying the package outside the US?

The package can be purchased via your cruise personaliser in local currency. It is usually a fixed price according to the exchange rate at the time of booking. So when exchange rates fluctuate, it might be cheaper than buying it onboard.

In Australia, the package covers beverage items up to $14 and is only available on voyages 7 nights and longer. Apparently there is a glitch in the cruise personaliser whereby you are charged more than onboard but Princess will refund the money back as on-board credit. So to avoid this, it might be wise to buy the AIBP onboard for Australia.

How does it work?

The package is programmed into your cruise account. A sticker used to be attached to your cruise card but this is now being phased out. Your waiter/bar staff just needs to swipe your card for them to recognise that you have purchased the package so you will not be charged. However, you should check your onboard account just in case any charges slip through (it does happen occasionally!).

Although gratuities are included, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t add additional tips at the end of the cruise for good service from your bar staff.

If you decide this package is for you – see you at the bar!